Plastic Free 2011 Challenge - Jan 31st to 6th Feb

Plastic products are deeply intertwined with our everyday life. Plastic wrapped cheese, bottled milk, even the insides of soda cans is sprayed with a plastic lining to prevent the metal from corroding. Many of these plastics are not recyclable and go directly into landfill or are incinerated. From Jan 31st - 6th Feb Transition
Shipston would like to challenge it's supporters to explore the difficulty of avoiding plastic for an entire week.
The exercise is simple. From Jan 31st- 6th Feb do not buy anything with plastic on it or in it. The point is to make us stop and think about our purchases. A couple tips, :
 Bring in your own bags to shops

 Buy milk from the local milkman

 Bring in washable containers to the butcher.

These websites have more useful tips suggestions, and interesting articles:

Life Less Plastic

My Plastic-free Life

Month Without Plastic

Is it Possible to Go Plasticfree?

Let us know for the next newsletter how our challenge goes - email David. We'd love to know if anyone is successful and how local shops respond to our plastic free requests. Maybe the challenge will change the way you shop for 2011. Best of Luck!

Jenny Lanham

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