Food Group Meeting - Monday 21st September 7.30pm Black Horse Pub

For those that missed the Transition Shipston Food Open Space meeting there was great enthusiasm and ideas/suggestions. The ideas are being discussed further at the meeting on Monday when hopefully we can start some more food initiatives. Notes from the Open Space:

Big Green Bus in Pebworth, Sat 26th Sept - book now!

The Big Green Idea ( is an environmental charity headed by Brigit Strawbridge that seeks to encourage people to move to a more sustainable living.

Local Organic Lamb for Sale

Keith & Sue Finlay have 20 lambs that are just being sent to the butcher. If anyone want to buy one (or any part of one) contact Sue Finlay: 01608 661157 or

Shipston High School Projects

PC Guy Blacklock the Safer Schools Officer at Shipston High School has sent in this email requesting help with food growing projects at the school...
In a few weeks time I will be running the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme from Shipston Youth club, if there are any projects already running, can I ask if anyone would be willing to take on some young people so they can complete a section of their award? The relevant sections are either volunteer or skills. So they could volunteer to help with a specific project, or learn gardening skills over a set time period.

Feeding Shipston in 2030 - the first step!

There were 20 people at the first Transition Shipston Open Space entitled "Feeding Shipston and the Surrounding Villages in 2030" on Tuesday 8th September.
At the beginning of the meeting several local people who had already started producing food locally told of their experiences.
* Frances Lee (see photo) from Witchford showed slides of the allotment she and others had started in the village earlier this year when they managed to get a local landowner to provide a hectare of land for a peppercorn rent. There are now 12 allotment holders who have all produced good crops in their first year.