Got ideas? Got inspiration? Want to get involved ? Join us for a series of Open Space sessions

Transition Shipston will be facilitating a number of Open Space events to allow people to share there ideas for how we can tackle the threat of Peak Oil and Climate Chaos.

Open space events are designed to allow people and communities to share ideas there ideas on how a particular problem can be tackled, from these ideas practical projects and solutions can be established.

So if you've got some good ideas? Would like to get involved? or just would like to see whats going on, please come along.

The open space sessions will be on the following 3 topics: Food, Energy and Transport. These topics were popular areas concern and interest at the Age of Stupid film screening.

The dates for the Open Space sessions are as follows:

Food: Sept 8th at 7:00pm in the Community Lounge Shipston High School
Energy: Oct 6th
Transport: Nov 10th

Please look out for further info on the events.

We look forward to seeing you there

Please contact us, if you have any inquiries