Autumn 2014 Newsletter


Sunday 21st September - Global Climate March - 21st September

19th to 21st September – Shipston Food Festival

Saturday 27th September - Permaculture Group Apple Pressing


Friday 10th October – Warwickshire Transition Network

Lifeways, Albany Road, Stratford

Monday 13th October – Permaculture Pub Chat

Red Lion, Long Compton

Transition Shipston & Surrounding Communities “Network”
Over the last few years Transition Shipston has inspired or been involved in many local community and environmental initiatives - not just in Shipston but also many nearby villages. There have been community gardens... orchards... chickens... bees... and solar panels. From these activities several groups have emerged that now that have a life of their own. Transition Shipston & Surrounding Communities has now decided to act as a local networking organisation of these groups rather than attempt new initiatives. To do this we hope to organise gatherings such as the summer party that we had in June in Stretton. The next gathering is a Barn Dance on November 14th in Stretton-on-Fosse Village Hall organised jointly with Transition Chipping Campden – see below for details.

November 15th 7.30 pm
bar, ticket includes ploughman’s supper
Tickets £7 in advance & £10 at the door
A joint event with Campden and Shipston Transition groups.
Tickets: Tel: 07967111338 or

Or Transition Shipston Tel: 07973 846605, email:

*Licence applied for

Support Blackwell Solar Farm
The Transition Movements has always been in favour of renewable energy as an important weapon against climate change. The more decentralised the energy supply the more resilient our communities will be in the future especially with the possibilities of oil and gas being in short supply. There are now solar farms near Chipping Campden, Willersey and Mickleton so a solar farm near Blackwell must be welcomed. The solar farm near Willersey is now offering bonds for local people to invest in- see below. Some local people consider the fact that the farm will be partially visible from the top of Foxcote Hill as a reason to reject the farm despite all its advantages so here are some of the arguments for the solar farm:
  • There will be considerable environmental benefits to the proposal. The wildflower corridors around the panels will be an enhancement to the biodiversity of the area and will help provide much needed forage for bees and other insects
  • The land will not be taken out of agricultural use as sheep will be allowed to graze under the panels.
  • After additional screening promised by the developers the solar panels would not be visible from the nearby surrounding roads, footpaths or buildings although there would be limited visual impact from one or two positions on the road along the Ilmington Hill.
  • At a time when there is considerable uncertainty about world energy supply with the unrest in the Middle East and Eastern Europe it is important that we become more self-sufficient in electricity as a country. The electricity generated by the solar farm will make a major contribution to this.
  • It is important that communities all play a part in reducing carbon emissions and stopping climate change. Acceptance of this solar farm will be the contribution of the people in all the surrounding villages to this.

Comments should be lodged on the Stratford District Council website  These should be made as soon as possible as the Council Planning Committee will discuss the application soon.

Big60Million Solar Bonds

Big60Million Solar Bonds are now on sale enabling UK residents to invest in Willersey Solar Farm and offset their electricity bills for the next 5-years
• Bonds offer fixed 7% return (gross) to investors
• The average size investment received so far of £4,389 per investor offsets (before tax) the equivalent of over half (53%) the average household electricity bill – every year for 5-years with the investment returned afterwards or the option to reinvest
• Over £500,000 in Solar Bonds purchased and reserved in first three weeks of sales

Big60Million Solar Bonds are now selling in substantial numbers. Hundred thousands of pounds of Big60Million Solar Energy Bonds have been bought in the first few weeks of sale, following the launch of the first Big60Million project secured against Willersey Solar Farm.

Global People's Climate March - 21st September

The World Leaders' Climate Summit in New York this September will be a key moment in the fight against climate change. The march organised in New York aims to be the biggest climate demonstration the US has ever seen, and over 900 solidarity events are planned globally on the same weekend.
The Campaign against Climate Change is helping to organise the People's Climate March in London along with many other organisations including Avaaz,, UKYCC, People & Planet, Operation Noah, Wake Up London, Oxfam, Art Not Oil, BP or not BP, CAFOD, UCL Students' Union, Greenpeace UK, Rising Tide...
Travelling from Shipston: there is a train from Banbury leaving at 10.53 and returning 16.36. Unfortunately there are no coaches from the area but some others are going by car.
Join the March! 12:30 pm Temple Place (Embankment) – Sunday Sept 21st
For more see...

Shipston Food Festival

Shipston Food Festival will take place over three days, beginning on Friday 19th September with the Beer Festival at Shipston Rugby Club. On Saturday 20th, entries will be invited for the baking competition and the-all important judging will take place.

The Town Square will host the main event on Sunday 21st, with the High Street and Market Place expected to be full to bursting with gourmet goodies. The event is being sponsored by Hook Norton Brewery, Cooperative Food, Shipston Card, Taste of the Country and KMS Litho Print.