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PC Guy Blacklock the Safer Schools Officer at Shipston High School has sent in this email requesting help with food growing projects at the school...
In a few weeks time I will be running the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme from Shipston Youth club, if there are any projects already running, can I ask if anyone would be willing to take on some young people so they can complete a section of their award? The relevant sections are either volunteer or skills. So they could volunteer to help with a specific project, or learn gardening skills over a set time period.
I am also working with the youth club to accredit young people for any volunteer work that they do in the community. so if there are young people who are already working on a project then we may be able to get them points towards their GCSE's for example. We are doing this with the Shipston High School gardening club members.
Talking of which...the school has a gardening club and has grown herbs and veg - some of which has already been used in the school canteen..."local sourcing of food" - all credit to them. Any help or sponsorship would I'm sure be greatly appreciated.
And one final idea that has worked successfully elsewhere:
A scheme in Sheffield was set up 10yrs ago where members of a community could trade garden tools, seeds and books at a 'library'. This allowed people who could not afford the start up costs of creating their vegatable patch to access the necessary equipement and advice for free. It also provided the gardening community with in an informal place to meet up and encourage one another.
Kind regards
Guy Blacklock

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