Heritage for the Future

Transition Shipston supporters have been working with Transition Stratford on a district wide initia-tive for ―Sustainable Energy for Historic Buildings‖.
The aim of the initiative is to re-duce the energy use and carbon emissions of older buildings. The scope of the initiative will be older buildings - those which were con-structed before the Second World War – recognising the special challenges faced for buildings of historic character which are listed or within conservation areas. The initiative will seek to preserve older buildings so that they can continue to be used in a low car-bon, low energy future affected by climate change and avoid the waste of the energy already used in their construction. Plus learn from older building techniques how to maintain them in a sustain-able way.
The group aims to produce a checklist to help people get started with case studies showing how buildings have been sustain-ably refurbished with links to the wide range of technical informa-tion already available and a direc-tory of local businesses.
The initiative will be promoted through a variety of means includ-ing:
recruiting a range of local busi-nesses to support the initiative: for example, estate agents, ar-chitects, organising bespoke training for different groups of professionals
Arranging for simple advice and checklists to be made available to property owners: for example, through planning officers, estate agents etc
Promoting the initiative through local and other media.
It will be important to consult rele-vant businesses and other organi-sations about proposals in order to secure their support for the ini-tiative.
Contact Pam Bennett pam@pambennett.com

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