Special Shipston

With another developer about to make proposals to develop land at the Campden Rd including a supermarket that threatens the existence of our unique shops Helen and Tom Winnifrith remind us what makes it so special:
“Do we give Shipston enough credit as a fantastic place for shopping of all sorts? Here are some of the things we buy in Shipston, always with friendly, helpful service and often with happy encounters with friends :
Practically all our food and drink, including fish, meat, fresh local veg, groceries, a dressed salmon for special events, pheasants, free range turkey and chicken, champagne, grand sherry and wine, cheap plonk, Fairtrade tea and coffee, good cheese, special bread (or flour and yeast to make our own), organic groceries, coriander, root ginger, Seville oranges, too much chocolate. Perhaps too many pints of beer, mainly Horseshoe, White Bear, Black Horse). Clothes, often thanks to all four charity shops, also new large men‟s clothes and larger shoes, shoes for toddlers expertly fitted. Three separate sets of grandchildren regularly have their shoes bought in Shipston because their harassed mums find it such a pleasant experience compared with elsewhere- and not more expensive. Meals out and Indian and Chinese takeaways. Petrol, oil, a new bulb for the car‟s headlight (bought in the car parts shop, which we failed to fit but were rescued by the garage which services the car) Printer cartridges. Masses of haberdashery, cut to measure, for knitting and sewing projects- and wool from both wool shops. A clock radio (same price as online with much friendlier service). A vacuum cleaner which works, (unlike the disastrous Argos purchase). New bags for the vacuum cleaner. A walking stick. A WC, with far more help about the complicated choices than we would have got in a huge retail warehouse. A replacement contact lens. Stamps and stationery. A lovely soft doll from the toy shop. 2 rocking horses- both from the dump. Euros, dollars, dinars, kruna, shekels (bank). A hat. Babyclothes and toys. A beautiful old watering- can from the antique shop. A fireguard for a daughter (charity shop). Flowers. Seeds. A suitcase (charity shop again). Dowelling, paint, picture hooks and nails- with lots of help about what was needed. Haircuts. A new watch strap, fitted free. Photos developed, a gold chain mended, photocopying. Free Internet access (library) when our computer was unwell. Books (charity shops). A daily paper delivered. Prescriptions, pills and potions. Christmas and birthday cards (often recycled ones from St Edmund‟s)”
Tom and Helen Winnifrith

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