Poem written for the Shipston Mid-Summer Festival
by Judge the Poet:You are witnessing the birth of a most important mission:

How do we successfully deal with a world in transition?

Our fossil fuel use cannot go on. It cannot last forever.

We must adapt – by being sharp, imaginative and clever.

After all, our innovation and invention brought us here;

But now our lives are beset by many problems and fear.

Peak oil, poverty, climate change… to name just a few.

Our lives have to change. So what on earth can we do?

This is our mission. Really, we have the simplest plan -

To rescue tomorrow by going back to where we began:

Working together, locally, with our neighbours all around;

We can secure the future right here on solid home ground.

We must start to act now. We must unite to work faster.

Any other route will surely just deliver yet more disaster.

Let’s consider energy independence, transport and health;

For safe happiness is the truest measure of human wealth.

If our food comes from here and hasn’t travelled for miles,

We can support local workers and share in their smiles.

Our needs will still be met. And our bellies will still fill.

And the best local result will be the positive goodwill.

By connecting existing groups, business and each politician,

We’ll help them understand and join us in this great mission.

And many transition projects can unite - to share their ideas

And become a more powerful voice in government’s ears.

For these are crucial times. And, truly, ours is a vital goal.

The benefits of it all could enhance every heart and soul.

So let’s think and mobilise. Let’s become active and vocal.

For the whole world’s sake, let’s make it Green And Local!

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