Community Garden Update

The community garden has really benefited from all the sunshine but it’s a hard task keeping up with the watering!
Work in Progress at the Community Garden
 Dare I say we’re hoping for rain? No, OK I won’t! Harvesting has already begun of salad leaves, turnips, and the courgettes are coming thick and fast. The peas will shortly be ready for picking – I have been testing a few of the pods and they’re delicious. The clay oven is under construction and we’re hoping it will be ready for the Transition Party here on 1st August. New helpers Simon and Karen have been a real asset – Simon has helped source all manner of useful items from a building site which have been given a new lease of life in the community garden. Sturdy packing crates (rather than being burnt) are enclosing the outside seating area and are being used as giant planters.

Work in Progress at the Community Garden

A builders' sack fits perfectly as a liner and was filled with the earth being dug out from the shelter floor to level it and one has already been planted with yet more beans and courgettes. Anyone who is short of courgettes please come to the community garden to stock up!

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