Positive Solutions for Shipston Town Centre?

Some comments on Shipston Online http://www.shipstononline.org/supermarket-threat.html#comment-35  show that there are Shipston residents who are in favour of the proposed large supermarket up the Campden Road. The main reasons they put forward are:

1.It could cost less to shop there

2.It would use less petrol than driving to the surrounding supermarkets in Stratford, Moreton, Banbury, Stow.

There are also Shipston residents, including Transition Town members (and me!),   who are opposed to the proposed supermarket, mainly because supermarkets on the edge of towns lead to the closure of small independent shops in the centre, and this group values highly the local shops, and being able to shop without driving.

There may be a solution to the needs of both groups. At present the two supermarkets in the town centre, owned by two different Co-ops, duplicate  basic goods and have little room for extra choice. It can be frustrating to have to visit both stores to complete shopping needs. If the two stores combined with a walkway connecting them, Shipston  town centre could gain a reasonably sized supermarket stocking a wider range of goods with more choice than at present. and shoppers would still be in the right place to buy from the excellent local shops stocking local produce among all sorts of other things. Many people from outside Shipston come here because they enjoy buying quality meat, veg, toys, electrical goods, etc, and this scheme could keep them spending money in Shipston while also meeting the hopes of people who live in Shipston and want to do their regular shopping here.

It would be good if all those with differing thoughts about the proposed supermarket could meet to listen to opposing views calmly and seek possible  positive solutions.

Helen Winnifrith


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