Shipston Mid-Summer Festival

Transition Shipston & Surrounding Communities has won a £1900 grant to run a Mid-Summer Festival in the centre of Shipston in July on the Sunday following the Last Night of the Shipston Proms on 4th July. The festival will consist of stalls in and around the town centre, a stage for music and marquees for films & other entertainment. The stalls will be allocated to retailers & traders, food producers, businesses and community groups. The marquees will show mainly films on sustainable and environmental themes (e.g. bee-keeping, wildlife etc.). There will be local craft demonstrations (e.g. willow sculpture). Traditional music and dance will continue through the day on the stage and in the marquees. The history and culture of the town will be highlighted.
We have got support for the festival from Shipston Town Council and Shipston Town Management Partnership. The aim of the event is to strengthen the local economy and encourage sustainable living.

Anyone interested in helping with the festival should come along to the Black Horse pub at 6pm on Thursday 7th Jan or contact Geri Hunting

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