ENERGY OPEN SPACE - Powering Shipston Beyond Cheap Oil

Powering Shipston – how can we work together to power our community beyond cheap energy?
St Edmund’s Church meeting room on Saturday 13th February, 10.00 – 1.00 (doors open 9.30)
With the Earth's climate changing as a result of carbon emissions, we need to find ways to reduce the demand for energy and our reliance on fossil fuels as energy sources. Rising energy prices pose a challenge for those on low incomes, as well as for businesses which have taken low energy costs for granted.
You can help decide the key issues for group discussions when everyone will be able to contribute their ideas… no lectures, no presentations – just your ideas and planning for local energy initiatives
Refreshments available throughout the morning FREE ENTRY
Ring Helen Winnifrith 661244 or Dave Passingham 661816


  1. Shipston already has a unique energy saving product-called walking!
    I don't own a car and can walk to the town centre for all shopping needs. Also I've noticed when we have weather emergencies, most Shipston shops are open and running by people who get to work on foot. Sadly the Norgren factory provided alot of jobs people could walk to. I don't know the statistics of how many children walk to school- but as in past decades, it is still possible here. If parents are concerned about safety, groups and chaperones could be organized.
    This 'walking to everything' is a great asset to our town which we need to protect-by protecting our town centre and not supporting out of town super markets/shopping centres which would only achieve making Shipston like every place else.

  2. Shakespeare sums it up well. Walking would make people healthier as well. Unfortuately a lot of people still travel a log way to shop at Tescos in Stratford or Stow instead of supporting local shops