The Rural Living Group (Prior to 1990 -The Shipston Self Sufficiency Group)

The group started in 1974, members comprised of a mixed range and of widely different backgrounds, situations and ages, living in an approximate range of 25 miles from Shipston. All came together with the aims of a self sufficient and sustainable way of life.
Some were small farmers, others with a small garden, most kept animals or poultry, some were brought up to the lifestyle, others completely new to the dreams of Self Sufficiency. It was a great Swap Shop - Ideas, know how, skills, recipes, animals, poultry, plants, seeds, fruit vegetables and much else. Meetings regularly went on past midnight, much home produced food and wine was consumed.

Doreen Hillier from the Rural Living Group giving pruning advice to Becky and Rachael at the recent pruning day

Regular workdays were held on each other's holdings, which helped everyone with new skills and experience. Demonstrations of the group's rural skills at local shows were a regular occurrence and a great day out for all.
In 1990 the group held it's own show at Knollands Farm, this was extremely hard work but a great success, all friends and family were co-opted into helping; it was a show like no other, (no cola or burger vans in sight !)
Members have come and gone over the years and the group is now smaller, and members much older, but the aims are still the same. It is a wonderful support network for like-minded people.

Yvonne Keevins

For more information contact:

Betty Bryan, 01608 674255

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