Affordable Energy for All Exhibition - Saturday 17th April 2010 - 10:00 to 4:00

Shipston High School Shipston-on-Stour, Free Entry
“How can I save on my energy bills?”
“Is Renewable Energy a serious solution to my needs?”
“Who can help me decide what to do?”
“Who will pay for it?”
Exhibition Stands... Seminars & Workshops... Refreshments available

Organised by: Transition Shipston and Surrounding Communities
Promoted by: Shipston Town Management Partnership
Supported and Sponsored by: Stratford District Council & Shipston Town Council

During the “Affordable Energy for All“ Exhibition, TRANSITION SHIPSTON & SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES will be presenting a programme of seminars which reflect the broader issues of creating a sustainable environment. The Seminars are Free to Attend and Everyone is welcome.

10.30 to 11.15 Film: "In Transition"
What is the Transition Movement?
Positive, practical and fun In Transition’ is a film about communities in Great Britain and around the world respond-ing to depleting resources and climate change with creativity, imagination and humour.
It looks at how communities can become more self-sufficient with food, energy, transport and our local economy. It is moving, touching, practical and enlightening. It is positive, solutions focused, and fun.

11.30 to 12.15 “Peak Oil” - Local Responses to Global Issues
What is 'Peak Oil' and how can we make a difference in Shipston?
Speaker: Bernard Perkins a local Environmental Consultant
Securing energy supplies for the Stour Area...
What can be done to reduce energy demand locally?
What can be done to generate energy locally?

1.30 to 2.15 Energy Champions
How can we help our neighbours save money at home, school and work?
Speaker: David Jullien of Act On Energy, the local energy advice information centre
Become an energy champion in your community.
This workshop is an introduction to:
 Saving energy in your home
 Saving energy in your school or community
 Saving energy at work
 Renewable Energy Projects

2.30 to 3.15 Micro generation & Feed-in Tariffs
How you can generate electricity at home and sell it to the grid
Speaker: Edward Leddy-Owen of the Energy Saving Trust
Come along to this workshop to find out more about the technologies— Solar, Combined Heat & Power, Hydro, Wind.
Under the new "Feed-in Tariff" energy companies have to pay up to 41p a kWh for energy generated and put into the grid... find out the details.